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New mobile application to translate flat images into 3D


A student of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI Alexander Kuznetsov has developed a mobile application that can translate normal, flat images in a 3D one. This development has received grant from the Innovation Promotion Fund for its further development.

Currently, people are developing to a greater extent that devices which implement 3D visual effects; almost all modern smart TVs have this function. Today there is a scientific basis for the development of algorithms for conversion from 2D to 3D. In particular, there are a number of different methods that allow you to automatically create a "depth map" for the two-dimensional images, basing on the properties of the image and on some assumptions about the nature of the scene. For example, a method of defocusing allows to construct a depth map of the pictures. Technologies of imaging of graphic information in three dimensions are actively developing. However, there is a few information on software and implemented mobile applications.

That’s why creation of a convenient mobile app, that allows you to quickly transfer standard photo images into 3D images, is extremely topical, relevant and will undoubtedly arouse great interest of consumers.

In addition to existing devices and technologies of making photos of macro-objects, we offer the app for Android devices, iPhone and iPad, which, firstly, will work with modern TVs in terms of display graphics, and secondly ensure its representation in three-dimensional mode. We develop the application that focuses on standard smartphones and provides a translation of 3D images on the screen of modern devices in standard formats,” explained the student of the Cybernetics Department Alexander Kuznetsov.

The application will have the following functions:

• 3D photo mode;

• Transfer of files in JPEG Stereo (*.jps) to external devices;

• The ability to convert any digital picture from the gallery in the format of Stereo JPEG (*.jps);

• Display of files in JPEG Stereo (*.jps) on a mobile device;

• It is expected that the conversion time of digital photography in stereo JPEG (*.jps) will not exceed 5 seconds.


It is planned to study functionality of 3D video mode and digital image stabilization in the same mobile application or in a separate application.

Currently developers have implemented and conducted initial testing of the algorithms to convert images from two-dimensional to three-dimensional form. They are developing a mobile application that will implement the entire user interface, as well as is adapting the above algorithms to perform it in mobile operating systems.

It is important that this project has taken still not occupied niche,” said the scientific head of the project, the Head of MEPhI Department “Computer systems, networks and technologies”, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor Sergey Starkov. “This leadership will ensure the successful commercialisation of the project.”

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