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A few years ago MEPhI was completely closed for foreigners, and today a large and friendly international family of MEPhI unites representatives of 49 countries of the world - Algeria, Jordan, Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Zambia, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and many others.

 MEPhI actively develops international relations, has signed more than 60 agreements on cooperation in science and education with the world's leading universities. MEPhI offers a wide range of programs for international students and is ready to give young people quality and competitive education.

It is important to note that since 2017 the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Technologies, LaPlas and PhysBio have been accepting English-language undergraduates in groups, where the teaching will be entirely in English.

In addition, the university does everything to make it easy for foreign students to study - conducts various cultural and sports events, attracts to participate in specialized interuniversity olympiads, creates comfortable conditions for living in a hostel.

This year MEPhI again hospitably opened the doors for foreign entrants, and in the corridors of the admissions committee you can meet representatives of a number of countries. Documents have already been submitted to the magistracy by young people from Nigeria. They told us why they decided to enter MEPhI and what struck them most in Russia.


Usman Yusuf:

- I came to Russia specifically to study at MEPhI. I have heard a lot about this university, about how much the university has done for the development of nuclear technologies since its founding, its cooperation with Rosatom. My country and Russia organize joint educational programs for training at MEPhI.

I just got acquainted with the university, but I was already impressed with what I saw. There are very good people here, always ready to help. As for Russia as a whole, I really liked Moscow and its citizens. People are very hospitable.

Samuel Ogman:

- We have the same master's programs, I will also study nuclear physics and technology. I had very good impressions about MEPhI, they coincided with what I read on the Internet. People in Moscow are very interesting, good. The only surprise is that the people are not smiling on the streets, but when you get to know them, everything changes.

By the way, a few days ago compatriots of Yusuf and Samuel successfully completed their studies as the Masters of Science and Technology at MEPhI, having received a diploma of one of the world-famous engineering universities in Russia. Now the graduate of MEPhI Esseyin Simeon Sesan gives advice to the applicants: "Clearly define the goals, work, because the MEPhI is a place where it is very prestigious to study!"

We wish hosts from Nigeria and all foreign students successful study!

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