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Results of monitoring of universities of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation once again confirm effectiveness of MEPhI


The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has published the results of monitoring of the effectiveness of educational institutions of higher education in the country. Now that the admissions process is in full swing at Russian universities, the experts' opinion is timely and important for the entrants. Monitoring through the evaluation of the most important criteria for the activity of higher educational institutions makes it possible to identify strong educational institutions, which will certainly help future students in choosing an educational institution.

This year, Russia's higher education institutions were assessed on seven indicators: educational activities, research activities, international activities, financial and economic activities, salaries of staff, employment, additional indicators of educational organizations.

MEPhI confidently surpassed the threshold values ​​for all indicators, once again confirming its high status of the leader of the Russian engineering education.

To assess the educational activities of the Ministry of Education and Science, the RF has conducted an analysis of the average score of the FSE for entrants admitted to full-time education through bachelor's and specialist programs. The total score of MEPhI for budget-funded and non-funded places is 88.4, which is 24 points higher than the threshold value. At the same time, the average score of entrants for budget places is 89.87. This means that the university is one of the leading ones in the quality of applicants.

The university demonstrated particularly impressive results in the criterion of "research activities". According to this key indicator MEPhI exceeded the required threshold 15 times (136.37 is threshold value, 2118.24 is university indicator). When assessing the university, the experts took into account the number of publications and their citations in the indexed international and Russian databases Web of Science, Scopus, RINC, as well as the volume of R & D, the number of grants received, the number of scientific journals published at the university,

Research work at the university is an integral part of the training of specialists, which implies the active participation of students, starting from the first courses in scientific conferences and seminars, the opportunity to practice and internship in leading world universities and research centers.

Another important result is an assessment of the relevance of the university, which is marked by the indicator of "employment". According to this indicator, MEPhI exceeded the threshold value by 20 points.

MEPhI today is attractive for foreign professors, teachers, as well as young people. About 1,400 students from more than 40 countries of the world receive their education here. International cooperation with foreign universities is actively developing. Therefore, it is only natural that, according to the indicator of "international activity", MEPhI not only met the minimum requirement, but exceeded it fourfold, while improving last year's result by 54%. At a high level is financial and economic activity, which exceeds the threshold determined by the Ministry of Education, three times.

MEPhI demonstrated excellent results under other criteria.

MEPhI once again proved its effectiveness and success and is waiting for the best applicants in its walls!

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