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Meet owner of first temporary student ID of MEPhI PhysBio Roman Kokoev


MEPhI is one of the most prestigious universities in our country, therefore it is not surprising that every year the competition for admission becomes more and more difficult, and the minimum passing points are higher. But for those confident in their knowledge and strength it is an incentive to conquer another height. Applicants, without losing time, submit the original documents to MEPhI and are determined to study at the basic university of the nuclear industry of Russia. A lot of them have maximum points and can get a symbolic student ID right now.

Roman Kokoev graduated from the University Lyceum №1511, pre-university of MEPhI. He became a happy owner of a student card, which means that he is already fully considered to be a student of our university. 


- How did you find out about MEPhI?

- My father told me. He once graduated from MEPhI and often remembers his student years. But I was able to get to know more closely the university when I entered the 7th form of the university lyceum No. 1547. Since that time, I began to actively participate in many olympiads and events held at the university: starting from the Rosatom Olympiads and ending with the contest of design works for schoolchildren "Junior". It seems to me that studying at MEPhI will be difficult, but at the same time not less interesting and exciting.

With the University Roman is connected more than just by a desire to get a good education.

- To be honest, I did not even consider other options, except for MEPhI. Not only highly skilled specialists teach here, but also kind, sympathetic people. The system of working with students is amazing: for each of them there is an opportunity to create your own training program. This opens great prospects.

- Why did you choose PhysBio Institute of MEPhI?

- I think, because on the basis of this Institute you can realize yourself not only in the field of physics, but also in the field of medicine. Technologies of nuclear medicine, nanotechnology in the field of biomedicine - all this provokes in me genuine interest. I would like to deal with issues of engineering and physical development in these areas.

- You were the first to receive a temporary student ID at PhysBio, congratulations.

- When I found out that I would become a student card holder, I did not believe my happiness. Also it is a guarantee that I will definitely study at MEPhI.

- What is your opinion about today's stay at MEPhI?

- Impressions from visiting the admission process of the university are only positive: the commission's employees answered the questions, helped with the choice of the direction of study. Moreover, the registration of documents was very fast, so I did not have to sit in the waiting list of entrants, as it happens in other universities. I would like to say a special thanks to the girls from the PhysBio admission campaign, who presented the student ID card. I wish everyone good luck!

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