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MEPhI opens new unique master's program


New unique master's program were presents for MEPhI students, who this year get diplomas of bachelor's and want to continue training on higher level - in masters

Help on important choice about definition of further path to future profession for young people has been provided by representatives of university administration, leaders of MEPhI institutions, representatives of companies-employers. As rector M.N.Strikhanov noted, today MEPhI can propose not only traditional master's educational program, but also new, unique ones, developed in close interaction with industrial partners. Chain «magistracy - place of work» will give possibility for graduates to find worthy work in divisions of our main partner state corporation «Rosatom» with prospect of rapid career growth. These  topics have become key ones at the meeting.

«Doors are open for all, who want to come to us learn from other universities, but you are basis of our future magistracy, » MEPhI vice-rector V.V. Uzhva told graduates of baccalaureate and introduced a range of acting master's programs, offered by university. Today MEPhI gives a possibility for training on 85 educational programs of magistracy on a wide spectrum of advanced directions in science and technology, management and economy of high technologies, enrollment this year, as in past, will be held to created strategic academic units- institutions.

All necessary information about features of entering magistracy in 2017 was given by the head of the division of MEPhI magistracy N.V. Lukianova. She in detail told about introductory tests in magistracy, noted individual achievements, on which you can get additional points. She asked to pay special attention to plan-schedule of the admission campaign of 2017 for masters. Detailed information may be found on site of MEPhI in section «admission in magistracy».

As it was expected, appearance of representatives caused many questions. Here are some of them.

Question: at admission in bachelor it was possible to apply for several directions simultaneously, is there such system in MEPhI masters?

Response: yes, you can specify three directions, selecting priority. Question: in consideration of individual achievements additional points are given for published articles. Do you get additional points, if article has been approved for  publication, but still not published?

Rector M.N. Strikhanov asked admission commission to pay special attention to solution of this question, providing possibility for partial receiving of additional points to stimulate talented students.

After questions there was review of new master's educational programs, implemented together with state corporation «Rosatom». So that young people could do correct choice, program was reviewed with two sides. Representatives of university told about volume, what competence graduates will receive after end training, but employers-партеры - about prospects, which open before future experts.

Head of the directorate of competitiveness enhancement program M.G. Ganchenkova represented programs in magistracy of MEPhI higher engineering school. The school will prepare elite personnel for digital transformation of Russia. The training there is focused on preparation of specialists on life cycle complex technical objects and on digital transformation high-tech companies. An active role in preparation of master students will be played by MEPhI industrial partner, engineering company «Atomstroyexport». An agreement about educational and scientifically-technical collaboration with this largest in world company in areas of NPP constructions was signed at recently held IX international forum «Atomexpo 2017». Training in this institution will be conducted on programs «digital technology complex engineering objects»; «system engineering complex technological systems»; «digital platform and management of life cycle in atomic energy».

Atomstroyexport representative V.M.Agapkin told students about this high-tech company with large prospects and noted unique package support for students of MEPhI higher engineering school during their training. The concept of joint educational programs of dual diploma was represented by MEPhI vice-rector T.Leonova. She noted that MEPhI together with All-russian academy of external trade with support of Rosatom has developed new master's program of double diplomas in directions «Nuclear physics and technology» and «Economics». The aim of the program is preparation of engineering elite, oriented on implementation of foreign economic projects in atomic industry. Participants of the program will be studying on the basis of two leading Russian universities, production practice will be held on basic enterprises of Rosatom. Participants will design real profile projects, and a possibility to conduct foreign internship. At the end of training they will receive two diplomas of master's degree.

Prospects after completion of two educational programs were told by VAVT vice-rector V. Idrisova and head of the chair of international trade and external trade, member correspondent of RAS A. Spartak. The growth of demand for specialists of interdisciplinary profile is caused by active development of international activity of Rosatom which will provide high demand for graduates of programs in industry.

Director of educational programs at Rosatom V.V. Karezin in speech to students spoke on behalf of general director of Rosatom state corporation A.E. Likhachev: «We need new specialists in nuclear physics, who  know technology and have competence in areas of economic activity.» He stressed extreme interest in graduates, prepared on MEPhI programs, who will successfully advance objects of Rosatom on world market.

Master's educational programs in training of developers and constructors, developed and implemented together with FSUE VNIIA with the support of Rosatom, were told by acting dean of physical-technological faculty of MEPhI A.V.Berestov. He noted, that interdisciplinary program will provide preparation of specialists in such key directions of engineering activity as designing, microelectronics, programming and management of life cycle in high-tech production.

The program of magistracy «nuclear and electrophysical instrumentation» built on modular principle on basis of advanced achievements of VNIIA, specialists of enterprises participate in implementation of all educational process. The program allows to prepare upscale specialists, who have fundamental knowledge in engineering, engineering-design and managerial competences, that will provide graduates a guarantee to find a job and quick career growth.

Deputy main constructor of VNIIA D.I.Yurkov noted, that young specialists of basic backbone enterprises today are mostly MEPhI graduates. Network master's program «designing of electromechanical and electrophysical equipment», developed together with Rosatom for training specialists for strategic project «breakthrough», were presented by deputy director of MEPhI Institute of nuclear physics and technologies G.V.Tikhomirov and deputy director of «Giredmet» N.M.Mantsevich. The program is headed by deputy director general – head of block on management of innovations at state corporation «Rosatom» V.A.Pershukov, head of created in MEPhI two years ago chair of technology of the closed nuclear fuel cycle (№89).

At the end of the meeting important question on training of specialists for Russian federal nuclear centers - VNIIEF (Sarov) and VNIITF (Snezhinsk). These centers are rich in powerful scientifically-technical potential and rich experience in decision of most difficult tasks in atomic industry, scientific leaders work here, scientists with world names and founders of scientific schools. MEPhI has always prepared specialists for Russian federal nuclear centers and today the vast majority of our graduates work at the directory of their departments.

At present in nuclear centers there occurs diversification of industrial and scientific base. There appeared a need in new specialists, for example, in areas of physics of solid body, laser physics, microelectronics, and there is extremely big query on MEPhI graduates, since it has been historically proven, that Moscow university prepares high-qualified specialists.

Director of MEPhI Institute of laser and plasma technologies A.P. Smiths informed that an educational center was created, main functions of which are organization of training for students on specialized training programs of magistracy.

Training in masters is conducted on programs: «physics of high densities'energy», «laser technology in physics of high densities'energy», «theoretical physics of high densities' energy», «modeling of processes at high densities’ energy», built so, that, on the one hand, students study at their departments in framework of individual training plans, in agreement with centers, studying is maximally mixed with training and practice on.

In conclusion of the meeting rector of MEPhI, addressing to students, said, that each program means interesting work, but career trajectory much depends on the career track list. Having experience of work at such enterprises as, for example, Russian nuclear centers, career future can be much more successful.

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