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Experts tell about the benefits of school Olympiads


Leading universities of the country are ready to enroll each winner of the final stage of the All-Russian Olympiads of schoolchildren without entrance examinations for the direction of training corresponding to the profile of the Olympiad. This was stated by representatives of Russian universities at the round table "How to enter a Russian university by the results of the Olympiads of schoolchildren", which took place on May ,23 at the MIA "Russia Today".

All-Russian Olympiad in 24 subjects is held among gifted Russian schoolchildren. As Natalia Tyurina, the head of the administration of projects in the field of education and social sphere of MIA "Russia Today", reminded that winners and winners of other school Olympiads from the list of the Ministry of Education and Science are admitted to the university provided that the USE score for the core subject is at least 75 points, and in some universities higher.

Director of the State Educational Establishment of the City of Moscow "Center for Pedagogical Excellence" Ivan Yaschenko stressed that the main role of the Olympiad school movement is a manifestation of interest, an opportunity to realize the principle "every child is talented." According to him, a student can try himself in different areas, and this will be an excellent psychological stimulus for him. "There are more intelligent children now, we see the order of the state to develop talent," the expert said.

According to the president of the Association of winners of the Olympiads, Artem Shishov, "participation in the Olympiads is a systemic and difficult work, 2-3 years of serious preparation are required to achieve high results.”

Vice-rector of the Higher School of Economics Vyacheslav Bashev cited data, according to which 36 percent of those who entered the budget in 2016 were winners of the Olympiads. "These are children motivated in certain subject areas, statistics show that in the future they continue to study well," the pro-rector emphasized. However, this year the Higher School of Economics increased the minimum passing grade of the Unified State Exam on Physics for Olympiadists to 85 points.

Associate Dean of the Faculty of Pre-University Training, Assistant Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Igor Putintsev said that over the past 2 years, the number of winners of the Olympiads has grown by one and a half times, the university has 4 programs, which consist entirely of Olympiad. "If 30 winners of the Olympiads come to 10-15 budget places, the university will do everything that everyone will do," he assured.

"We love Olympiad participants," said Igor Tsvetkov, head of the department for the organization of training activities and ensuring the admission to the university of the training department of MEPhI. “For example, we decided to count all the Olympiads from the List of Olympiads of schoolchildren, although, according to the new admission rules, the university can choose which olympiads to count and which ones do not. Knowledge among freshmen shows that the performance of Olympiad participants is higher than that of high school exams. 35 percent of students with scholarship are winners of the Olympic Games."

Igor Tsvetkov emphasized that MEPhI, being one of the leaders of engineering education, is interested in motivated entrants. Therefore, the University actively supported the initiative of the Moscow Department of Education to conduct an experiment - a pre-professional Olympiad and a pre-professional exam. "Those who successfully passed this exam, are given the maximum number of points in the portfolio - 10, we need professionally trained guys who have already shown themselves in scientific and creative activity."

Director of the Center for Pre-University Preparation and Organization of Reception, Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee of the NITU "MISIS" Maria Baranova reported that the winners of the profile Olympiad for schoolchildren can get an additional premium "Best MISIS" in the university. The monthly addition to the academic scholarship is 20 thousand rubles.

Representatives of MGIMO, MEPhI and the Higher School of Economics also noted that they financially support successful students, not in the results of the Olympiads, but in the results of their studies at the university.

As Natalia Tyurina added, 1200 students who won the Olympiads are awarded a grant of the Russian President in the amount of 20 thousand rubles (monthly for the entire period of study). Experts explained that it is possible to get such support by studying well, and promising after graduating from university to work in Russia.

Until July, 26, the winners of the Olympiads should bring their documents to the selected universities. July, 29 is the date of admission of applicants who enter the competition.

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