Science Slam: Youth competition of popular-science presentations

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Assembly hall of the main building of MEPhI.


Science Slam at MEPhI is a joint project of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs and the Science Slam Russia Association with the support of MEPhI.


  •  Alexey Egorov, an engineer at the Institute of Intelligent Cybernetic Systems. "Why digital technology does not change people"
  •  Diana Bachurina, graduate student of the department "Physical problems of materials science." “Why do I need a soldering iron in a fusion reactor”
  •  Alexey Bakun, an engineer at the Institute of Functional Nuclear Electronics. "How to create perfectly smooth surfaces"
  •  Anastasia Kulichenko, undergraduate of the Department of Laser Micro-, Nano- and Biotechnologies. “How Nuclear Physics Can Help Find Cures For Cancer”
  •  Yaroslav Sadovsky, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor, Department of Plasma Physics, "How and Why to Wipe Dust in a Thermonuclear Reactor"

Special guest: Georgy Shahgildyan, Ph.D. (Chemistry), Assistant of the Department of Chemical Technology of Glass and Glassceramics. Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. “The main problems of glass and how they can be avoided with the help of new materials”


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Participants: Students, teachers, staff