23rd International Conference on Ion-Surface Interactions (ISI-2017)

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21.08.2017 to 25.08.2017


Moscow, Russia, Hotel “Intourist Kolomeskoe”.


ISI-2017 will be the next one in a series of traditional biennial meetings devoted to problems of physics of atomic collisions in solids and related topics.

The scientific program of the conference Ion-Surface Interactions includes the main aspects of this scientific discipline: ion scattering and penetration, sputtering and secondary ion emission, electron excitation, ion-induced electron, photon and X-ray emission, ion-assisted processes in thin films and nanostructures, radiation damage accumulation and plasma-surface interactions.

You can find more information at the conference’s website:

Venue: Hotel “Intourist Kolomeskoe”

Time: 10.00

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