An ideal location

If you look on the Moscow map, you will see that MEPhI is conveniently located close to all public transport: surface transport, metro and trains. In addition, 30 metres from the University there is one of the largest parks in the city: Historic Palace, churches and huge and green apple orchards.

Every foreign student has the opportunity to live in the MEPhI dormitory. It is situated in 15 minutes' walk from the University.

At all MEPhI dormitory includes 6 buildings. Two of which are apartment hotels, 24 floors each; three buildings consist of corridor rooms and have 5 floors; and the last one is 14 stores building for post-graduate students and young professors.

A room accommodates 2 or 3 students depending on the size of the room. Each is equipped with beds, tables, chairs, shelves, space for shoes and utensils. A living room has a wardrobe. The kitchen is equipped with stoves and refrigerators. In the buildings there is a common laundry and the official free Internet.

The residence is surrounded by many restaurants and grocery stores with reasonable prices. There are many cafes, gyms, supermarkets and pharmacy outlets. Within a radius of 200 meters there are the medical center and hospital, which serves MEPhI students and employees.

The average payment is 700 rubles a month.
Below are the photos of our dormitory.