Academic Programs
ENERGIZE Education
Our interdisciplinary teaching and research environment will bring you to the next level.

MEPhI offers 200 areas of educational and academic programs. In compliance with the Russian higher-education transition to the Bologna system, now MEPhI offers BS, MS, and PhD degrees, in addition to the specialist degree it has offered before.

One of the unique characteristics of the University`s educational structure is its modularity – flexible curriculum paths, multidisciplinarity, individual plans for the students, as well as project and distance learning.

Students have the chance to participate in research, even as an undergraduate, and diploma thesis projects at MEPhI (for example, in the Engineering Center or laboratories), in Russia (Rosatom and its subsidiaries, Yandex, etc.) or even abroad – there were over 50 students who went for projects abroad in 2016.

Also, MEPhI offers double diploma and exchange programs with European, Asian and American universities.

MEPhI has quickly been expanding the number of foreign students enrolled as well. About half of them come from the countries where Rosatom, MEPhI’s strategic partner, is building nuclear power plants (such as Turkey, South Africa, Finland and Vietnam).


For the course, program and degree guide, check out out admissions brochure. MEPhI 2020


Focus Areas

MEPhI is proud to be a symbol of ingenuity and innovation in civilian nuclear science and technology. Having said that, we are working hard on expanding into new and exciting fields. Our goal is to provide the tools and skills professionals need to succeed in an interconnected and interdisciplinary global scene. Here are some of the university's focus areas.

  • 1. Nuclear Physics and Technology
  • 2. Nuclear Power Engineering and Thermo pshysics
  • 3. Physics
  • 4. Applied Mathematics and Physics
  • 5. Applied Mathematics and Information
  • 6. Material Study and Material Technologies
  • 7. Information and Computer Engineering
  • 8. Information Security
  • 9. International Relations
  • 10. Foreign Languages
  • 11. Economics
  • 12. Business
  • 13. Management
  • 14. Law