Federal Target Program

Federal Target Program Research and development on priority directions of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020


In the framework of this program, MEPhI has received grants in the form of subventions for the implementation of 21 projects, three of which are carried out in collaboration with research organizations from France, Vietnam and Belarus.

The total amount of research funding in the framework of the program exceeds 1,222 million rubles.

  • The development of an experimental method of high-resolution multi-parametric correlation analysis of optical and morphological properties in the bulk of nanomaterials. Project leader: Nabiyev Igor Rufailovich
  • The development of technology and experimental sample of hardware-software complex for streaming encryption and decryption interface Ethernet 100G. Project leader: Ivanov Mikhail Aleksandrovich
  • Design and manufacturing of experimental samples of measurement and control units for technological equipment for beryllium hydroxide production.  Project leader: Malygin Vasily Borisovich
  • The development of new nanoprobes for molecular imaging with conjugates of quantum dots fluorescing in the infrared spectrum region and single domain antibodies.  Project leader: Nabiyev Igor Rufailovich
  • The development of libraries of complex-functional blocks of radiation-resistant UHF VLSI synthesizers based on domestic CMOS SOI technology on the 0.18 to 0.25 microns level for the development of advanced UHFmicroelectronic devices.   Project leader: Telets Vitaly Arsenevich
  • The development of hybrid technology of water treatment, including in the aftermath of emergencies.  Project leader: Kurchatov Ivan Mikhailovich
  • The development of technologies for production of epitaxial band-gap heterostructures for a new generation of UHF and power devices.  Project leader: Strikhanov Mikhail Nikolaevich
  • The development of cluster technology for dielectric material (sapphire, quartz glass) surface planarization to create a new generation of devices and equipment for various industrial branches.  Project leader: Kargin Nikolai Ivanovich
  • The development of analytical system based on suspension microchips for high-performance detection of cancer biomarkers.  Project leader: Nabiyev Igor Rufailovich
  • Technology development and the creation of a pilot plant for processing waste dumps from Zavitinsk lithium-beryllium deposit to obtain a spodumene concentrate, potash fertilizers and lithium carbonate.  Project leader: Tananaev Ivan Gundarovich
  • Investigation of thermal properties of graphene-containing films, as well as the development of technology of their application for the removal of heat generated during operation of microwave semiconductor devices based on GaN.  Project leader: Kargin Nikolai Ivanovich
  • Support and development of the unique scientific installation "Experimental complex NEVOD" for the investigation of natural objects, processes, and phenomena, including astrophysical ones. Project leader: Petrukhin Anatoly Afanasyevich
  • The development of an experimental sample of regenerating nano wire biosensor for registration of markers of socially significant diseases in the blood serum.  Project leader: Nabiyev Igor Rufailovich
  • Technology development for the production of high-power semiconductor lasers with improved characteristics based on semiconductor nanoheterostructures for technological applications and diode pumping.  Project leader: Popov Yury Mikhailovich
  • Research and development of pulse neutron generators for the implementation of nuclear power technologies, the safe management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.  Project leader: Shkol'nikov Eduard Yakovlevich
  • Research and development of innovative energy-saving cryomagnetic system based on high-temperature superconductor MgB2.  Project leader: Rudnev Igor Anatolievich
  • Efficient technology of complex processing of apatite ores with extraction of rare earth metals and radionuclides.  Project leader: Sachkov Viktor Ivanovich
  • Development and research of active layers based on polymers and semiconductor nanocrystals for efficient light-emitting diodes.  Project leader: Nikitenko Vladimir Rolenovich
  • Nanodisperse REM hydrides: preparation and application in furnace-free technologyof nanostructured alloys and ligatures.  Project leader: Buynovskiy Alexander Sergeevich
  • High energy magnets based on rare-earth metals for high power electrical machines.  Project leader: Buynovskiy Alexander Sergeevich
  • The development of methods, experimental measurement tools and prototypes of systems for manufacturing and operational quality control of fuel elements and assemblies of nuclear reactors of the new generation with promising types of nuclear fuel.  Project leader: Kudryavtsev Yevgeny Mikhailovich