Sports Center

Since September 2015 MEPHI has organized a student sports club "Reactor" that combines all the athletes of the University. Its task is to organize the University teams, create the information environment and organize sport events with the participation of MEPhI students. Today, MEPhI holds tournaments in volleyball, soccer, table tennis, chess and other sports. Official web community of the Sport club "Reactor" MEPhI: is external)

Sports teams of MEPhI:


The Hockey team MEPhI was organized in 2011 and is playing in the Moscow Student Hockey League (MSHL). The team became the champion of the «small» cup of students of Moscow and the players of the team have a lot of personal awards.


The Rugby club has existed at in the University since 1965. At the moment, there are female and male teams. Rugby teams of MEPHI have won prizes at Moscow and All-Russia competitions. In winter, spring, and summer, teams practice at a training camp.


Sambo in MEPhI is the oldest University sport, organized in the 1950s. Over the long history, graduates of the team went on to become multiple time world and national champions, as well as, winners of various international competitions. Since 1975, the club hosts the Annual INTERNATIONAL Sambo Tournament for the prizes of space explorers organized in MEPhI. In the national team MEPhI Sambo is listed MSIC, MS and CCM.


The Volleyball team has existed at MEPhI since the founding of the University. In recent years, the team has successfully performed in the Upper Student League in Moscow and is a multiple winner of the Universiade of South district of Moscow.


The University Basketball team has been around for more than 50 years, The team is the Moscow champion; and, today, our players are concurrently participating in two championships: Moscow Student Sports Games (ICCI) in Division "A" and the Moscow Basketball League (MBL). Every August the team travels to the training camp.

Soccer and mini-soccer

These are some of the oldest clubs of the University. They participate in regular University tournaments, as well as, the Moscow Championship.

Sport tourism

Sport tourism was revived at MEPhI in 2005. During the school year, members of the team compete in hiking, skiing and mountain climbing. Sports tourists of MEPHI are a part of the regional teams. Regularly, they successfully perform at the Russian Championship and Russian Cup.

Other sport teams at MEPHI include:

Aerobics, Baseball, Weight-lifting, Arm wrestling, Chess, Tennis, Rowing, Badminton, Shaping, Orienteering, Climbing, Track&Field, OFM, and Sailing.