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Open Day of Institute of Cyber Intelligent Systems and Institute of Financial and Economic Security


Once again high school students, graduates of lyceums and colleges have been gathered in the walls of MEPhI to continue acquaintance with the possible future place of study. This time the Institute of Cyber Intelligent Systems (ICIS) and the Institute of Financial and Economic Security (IFES) opened the doors for students.

The meeting began with the appeal of the leadership – Director of ICIS S. Y. Misyurin who acquainted enrollees with the structure of the Institute and expressed the hope that all gathered will be successful students of MEPhI. In his greeting Sergey Yurievich told how the ICIS trains personnel in the field of cybernetics, information and financial security, and noted the ever-growing demand for graduates in the labor market. The Institute is implementing 17 educational programs, including 7 bachelor, 7 master degree and 3 postgraduate study programs. Graduates are in demand at the state level – in the state corporation Rosatom, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Federal Guard Service, the Federal Security Service, as well as in recognized international companies and financial institutions.

In addition to these areas, Sergey Yurievich highlighted the relevance of research areas that are developing in the ICIS and directly related to the digital economy of Russia. Among them there are researches in the field of neural network technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics and distributed registry technologies. Students are involved in project activities in these areas from early courses and contribute to the development of information technology not only in ICIS, but also for Russia as a whole.

The Institute of Financial and Economic Security was represented by the Deputy Director, IFES A.N. Norkina. This division trains personnel in the interests of the national system for combating legalization of proceeds (money laundering) from crime and financing of terrorism in the following areas: "Information and analytical security systems", "Economic security", "Financial management", "Accounting and auditing", "Legal support of economic security". Along with natural-scientific disciplines, typical for MEPhI in general, the programs provide advanced training in the field of information technology, business education, management. The IFES is implementing the full educational cycle. "We work with schools as part of financial literacy programs and training specialists mainly for federal services." In addition, graduates can apply their knowledge in commercial banks, insurance companies, international organizations, etc. “Enter our University! Student life is not only education, research work, but also creativity. I hope you will become members of our big family,” said Anna Nikolaevna in conclusion.

Confirming the interest for young researchers, presentations were made by the representatives of the institutions’ partners and employers: Federal service for financial monitoring, Mail.ru Group, Sberbank Technology. After the submission of their organizations, representatives answered numerous questions from prospective students.

The head of the military department, colonel A.I. Korostelev informed on training soldiers, sergeants, and reserve officers. According to Andrey Ivanovich, the military department of the university is actively involved in all projects that the Ministry of Defense implements in relation to young people and students. There is a direction which concerns those students who have not been trained at the military department. After graduation, they can take part in an involuntary service in a scientific company. "We actively cooperate with those companies that are engaged in nuclear and near-nuclear technologies, and with one of the scientific companies that are engaged in the adaptation of information technologies in military affairs," said Andrey Ivanovich. In addition, MEPhI’s alumnus are in great demand by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation – it is a worthy employer, and our specialists have proven themselves well.

Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee V.I. Skrytniy informed attendees about admission rules of the University in 2018.

After the official part the guests were able to learn more about educational and research activities of the Institutes, ask questions to representatives of MEPhI, discuss training programs and learn about career prospects after graduation. For this, there were an exposition of the departments of ICIS and IFES, a master class "Buy or save?" and a meeting with a representative of Rosfinmonitoring “One hundred roads – one yours! Your career is in financial intelligence”.

Reviews of applicants who visited the Open Day of ICIS and IFES:

Vasily Petrov, 11th grade: I want to enter the direction "Information security". It seems to me that information security is important, especially in a world where information technologies are rapidly developing. Russia is a leader in that sphere, but I would also like to gain experience by taking internships in other countries.

Elizaveta Grinenko, 10th grade: I am studying at the school of programmers, and I would like to do computer graphics in the future. I am interested in applied mathematics and computer science. This will help to realize my dream – not only to program, but also logically understand what I'm doing. At MEPhI I will be taught to think and understand the physics.

Alexander Spanagel, 8th grade: I want to do robotics because, in my opinion, robots and artificial intelligence are the future of humanity. I have time to think, everything can change, but I am considering MEPhI as a potential univeristy where I would like to study.

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