18th International Conference on Spin Phenomena in High Energy Physics (DSPIN-2019)

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02.09.2019 to 06.09.2019


Dubna, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR); Moscow, MEPhI.


The scientific program of the Conference will affect a wide range of spin phenomena at high and medium energies:


  • the latest experimental data in spin physics,
  • nuclear spin structure and generalized parton distributions,
  • spin physics and QCD,
  • spin physics in the standard model and beyond,
  • T-odd spin effects,
  • polarization effects in heavy ion physics,
  • spin in gravity and astrophysics,
  • future experimental facilities for spin physics,
  • spin physics at NICA,
  • polarimeters for polarized high-energy beams,
  • accelerators and storage rings of polarized beams, new - polarization technology, spintronics of nanostructures and etc.


Language — English

Participants: Russian and foreign scientists, students


Meeting materials will be published in the Open Access Journal of Physics: Conference Series.